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How xyStories Helps Students Solve a Mixture Problem.

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XyStories accepts all correct steps.  It checks each step, knows synonyms and can always suggest a reasonable next step.  Below, four students need help in solving a simple mixture problem.

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 A. After this student enters two correct expressions, xyStories uses underlining to “explain” its suggested equation:

Mix Prob 2

B. This student begins differently and xyStories suggests using the sum of the weights to obtain an equation:

Mix Prob 3

C.1. This student describes a second quantity in a correct but unexpected way, and xyStories suggests an equation
by cleverly noticing that both expressions represent the same quantity:

Mix Prob 4

C.2. If asked, xyStories then helps the above student begin solving this unexpected equation:

Mix Prob 5

D.1. This student uses two variables and xyStories underlines relevant items when suggesting an appropriate second equation:

Mix Prob 6

D.2. If asked, xyStories then shows a good way to begin solving this particular system of equations:

Mix Prob 7
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