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How xyStories Helps Students Solve a Typical Motion Problem.

The free Windows Installer for xyStories 1.4 is on the Download page.

XyStories accepts all correct steps.  It checks each step, knows synonyms and can always suggest a reasonable next step.  Below, two students need help in solving a motion (related rates) problem.

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A.1. For this two variable solution, xyStories suggests an expression for the first distance and explains by underlining:

Motion 88

A.2. When asked later for help, xyStories shows this student how to get the required second equation:

Motion 89

A.3. If a hint is requested, xyStories suggests one way to begin solving this system:

Motion 90

A.4. If the student solves for a instead of b, xyStories accommodates and suggests the appropriate substitution:

Motion 91

A.5. The student can request a hint or a suggested step at any point of any correct solution:

Motion 92

B.1. This student uses one variable and xyStories uses underlining to show how to get expressions for the distances:

Motion 93

B.2. Then xyStories suggests how to obtain an equation for the total distance:

Motion 94
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