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Future Plans: Collaborator(s) Sought

The new Common Core State Standards in mathematics will require redesign of existing math practice software in all topic areas covered by these standards.  Intelligent step-by-step support such as provided by xyAlgebra, with its equivalence checking and solution generating capabilities, should be key features of any future math practice program.  Programs should also run on multiple platforms and devices.

Such a program cannot possibly be a one-man project, as xyAlgebra has been until now.  Accordingly, the author of xyAlgebra is seeking a suitable entity with which to collaborate, possibly by sharing the new xyAlgebra equivalence checker and solution generator.  These are described in detail at the bottom of the Description page.  A downloadable Demo Program showing both equivalence checking and solution generation is available at the bottom of the Download Page.

Please notify the author if you know of such potential collaborators.

New program now available: xyStories covers verbal problems requiring a first algebra course.

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