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1.  Before downloading, please send an e-mail to  xy.userlist.987@mindspring.com  so you can be informed of new releases, critical issues and possible problems.  You will receive a maximum of 3 emails per year.

2.  Windows Security Note:  When downloading and running the program installers, you may need to override objections from either Windows or your Security Software. For example, Windows 8’s SmartScreen may force you to click “More Info” and then “Install Anyway” before installing.   I do not have Microsoft’s imprimatur.  But I would not risk my reputation of 30 years by knowingly providingly unsafe software.  My own security program initially warns me, but then, after a few seconds of analysis. it concludes that the software is safe.  If you can’t trust me on this, please visit one of my exhibit booths, listed on the Author page, or e-mail me (see Author) and ask me whatever you like as confirmation.

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