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Welcome to xyAlgebra 7.0.     Responds to each student step -- like a conscientious instructor.

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Now available: XyStories 1.4 - Free Verbal Problems Demo Program.
Underlines the phrases it uses when a student requests a hint or a suggested next step.  See an example here.  This new version of xyStories, released on March 29, 2015, is available on the Download Page.

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All xyAlgebra programs are completely free!

To download and install the latest versions of all xyAlgebra programs, see the Download Page.

Intelligent Help at Every Step

The previous xyAlgebra site (without the “7” in its name) is inactive.  Please update any old references.

Latest updates to the classical xyAlgebra program:

xyAlgebra Version 7.02 minor update as of Aug. 31, 2013.
Instructors will probably want to update but single users will probably see no difference.

xySolver Version 7.03 minor update as of  Sept. 23, 2014.
Many users of xySolver 7.0, 7.01 or 7.02 may want to update.

Collaborators Sought.  See the Future page for more information.

The Description Page summarizes xyAlgebra’s intelligent help, available at every step of the student’s solution.

The Comparison Page shows and links to typical commercial programs responding unhelpfully to a short final answer.

The Syllabus Page lists all current major xyAlgebra and xySolver topics.

The History Page includes a summary of new topics and features available in the latest versions.

Demo Program Available: A demo of the xyAlgebra Next Step Solution Generator can be downloaded from the bottom of the Download Page.  It allows the technically inclined user to explore the functionality that distinguishes xyAlgebra from most algebra practice programs, and is described more fully on the Description Page..

Site Updated:29-March-2015

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